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The Community members of RoboCom++ are organised in seven Working Groups (WGs). The WGs focus on critical and emerging topics covered by the Project and promote technical activities across diverse research fields. Each Working Group is coordinated by a WG Board (Leader, Deputy and Rapporteur) and is composed by several WG Experts covering different research topics.

The main objectives of the Working Groups are:

  • Define the roadmap for a future global interdisciplinary research programme on Robotics
  • Enlarge the RoboCom++ Community, involving the main research groups from universities and other organizations representing excellence in science-grounded robotics including include experts in biology, neuroscience, material science, energy, social sciences, and in those engineering areas related to the main topics covered by the each WG
  • WG1 - Embodied Intelligence in Natural and Artificial Physical Agents

    The “Embodied Intelligence in Natural and Artificial Physical Agents” WG investigates the concepts of embodied intelligence, morphological computation, simplexity, and evolutionary and developmental approaches.

    WG2 - Soft Robotics and Bodyware

    The main goal of this WG is to analyse the revolutionary potential of soft robotics, and to investigate methods and components, such as novel control techniques, new actuators, new mechanical joints, new sensors, new soft/functional materials as, for example flexible electronics, novel simulation libraries and frameworks, for modelling, design, and experimentation of soft robots.

    WG3 - Energy Management in Natural and Artificial Agents

    The main goal of this WG: “Energy Management in Natural and Artificial Agents” is to explore the development of alternative energy sources and of different approaches to bio-inspired energy optimization strategies for Robot Companions.

    WG4 - Embodied Cooperative Communication Processes

    According to the RoboCom++ vision, the Cooperative Robots of the future should be able to assist humans in a variety of tasks, from personal daily life to professional activities and to emergencies, like search and rescue in natural disasters well beyond what today is considered feasible.

    WG5 - Impact on Robotic System Technologies

    This Working Group analyses the different applications on which the novel Robotic System Technologies envisioned by RoboCom++ will have impact.

    WG6 - Ethical, Legal, Societal and Economic Issues

    This WG considers ethical, legal, societal and economic Issues triggered by the pervasive use of technology. It will pay particular attention to the potential impact of the very advanced robots envisioned by RoboCom++ on jobs, the economy and the social welfare, and to the analysis and proposition of viable policy options.

    WG7 - Science Platform Tools

    The RoboCom++ community will pursue its ambitious objectives by building fundamental tools for research reproducibility and objective assessment (benchmarks, metrics, data sharing protocols, test platforms, standards).

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